Hi my name is Sukesh, I'm sure you must've figured that out by now. I'm a technology geek and my core expertise is in Ideation. I wander a lot on the net in search of answers to my own questions and for others. That's one way I learn. By the way, did I tell you that "Learning about anything and everything is my hobby" ?

Unlike a lot of ideators, I'm also a developer, so I spend lot of my time implementing my own ideas to a workable prototype. Most of these prototype work ends, once I prove to myself that my idea was right and can be implemented as I thought. There are very few projects where I have spent large amount of time working on it and Debug Analyzer.NET happens to be one of them.

Debug Analyzer.NET was born out of sheer passion to build a Debugging tool which helps developers struggling with their application issues in production.
There were several architectural decisions taken, to make sure ease of use and plug development comes out as first priority.

Current version of Debug Analyzer.NET is roughly 20,000+ lines of code and development took approximately 2 years of personal time (vacation, weekends and late nights).
I want to callout silent contributors, my family (wonderful wife and 2 awesome kids) for staying put and being supportive for the last 2 years to get this development done.

S Family

What's next?
I have a roadmap defined for this tool and if I see enough interest for Debug Analyzer.NET I would continue with development to realize the vision of version 3.

Is that it?
Not really, I will be publishing several re-usable parts of this project sooner and all the analysis plug source code would be published on Codeplex.

Is that it?
I have another high impact, consumer application work going on. Yea, it's more of a "once in a life time idea and project" and I'm very excited about it!
I have a prototype but right now working on the User Experience and Visual design part of the project!

If you like to know more about me, hit up my website -
You can also find some more cool stuff I had worked on, which escaped from my hard disk somehow Smile
Projects listed there are just a small fraction of whatever I have built or written code for... hope to get time to publish more stuff in the coming months!