Debug Analyzer: Bringing back the dead!

date January 29, 2011 04:13 by author Sukesh Ashok Kumar
Debugging memory dumps are also known as Post-mortem debugging and the reason for this is simple. Memory dumps are just a snapshot of the process memory (in case of usermode dumps) and not live at the time of debugging thus the term 'post-mortem'. While working on Debug Analyzer.NET I was hunting f... [More]

Scenario: How to find logged-in users with ASP.NET forms based authentication

date January 21, 2011 03:52 by author Sukesh Ashok Kumar
Lets talk about a scenario here and take a look at manual way to find what we need with windbg + sos.We will then see how we can automate this using Debug Analyzer.NET Analysis. For learning pleasure and reuse, attached code snippet can be saved in snippets folder and used with Instant Analyzer feat... [More]